Differential Pressure Sustaining Valve Model WW-436-BE

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  • Differential Pressure Sustaining Valve Model WW-436-BE

    Brand: Bermad. Origin: Israel

    Hydraulically operated, differential pressure-sustaining control valve
    that sustains minimum pre-set differential pressure between two local
    or remote points, regardless of fluctuating flow or varying
    upstream pressure.
    BERMAD 400 series valves are hydraulically operated, simple and
    reliable, globe valves with full bore hydrodynamic body providing
    an unobstructed flow path and superior performance. The valves
    balanced rolling-diaphragm assembly is vulcanized with a rugged
    radial seal disk construction, performing as the valves only
    moving part

    End Connections:
    Grooved: ANSI C606
    Flanged: ISO 7005-2 (PN10 & 16); ANSI B16.42 (#150)

    Pressure Rating: 16 bar (230 psi)

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