Thermostatic valve "Series A"

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  • OVENTROP-Thermostatic radiator valve "Series A"

    For use in two pipe central heating systems
    with circulation pump.

    Without presetting.

    Bronze/brass valve with nickel plated body,
    stem made of stainless steel.
    For threaded and compression connection.
    (Dimensions according to DIN 3841 / EN 215)

    Valve with high kv value for zone control,
    one pipe heating and gravity heating systems.

    All valves of the "Series A" have a black protection

    Thermostat connection thread: M 30 x 1.5

    Material: Brass
    Surface: nickel plated

    kv-Value (2K): 0,95
    kvmax-Value: 1,35
    Size: DN10 - DN15 -DN20 - DN25 - DN32
    Model: Straight pattern valve
    Connection: Rp ½ F x R ½ M

    max. differential pressure: 1 bar
    max. pressure: PN 10
    max. temperature: 120 °C

    Item no.: 118 11 ... 
    EAN-Code: 4026755401288

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