Swing type check valve PN 16

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  • OVENTROP-Swing type check valve - flanged model

    Oventrop cast iron swing type check valve
    PN 16, both ports flanged. Body, cover and
    stuffing box assembly made of cast iron.
    Valve seat made of brass. Asbestos free
    Round flanges according to DIN EN 1092-2,
    PN 16 and hole circle accordingto BS 4504
    PN 16.

    For horizontal and vertical installation. In case
    of vertical flow direction, installation is only allowed
    if the flap can be opened upwards. In case of
    horizontal flow direction, the flap suspension has
    to face upwards.

    Max. flow velocity: 3 m/s

    Material: Cast iron
    Size: DN 40->DN300
    max. pressure: PN 16
    min. temperature: -10 °C
    max. temperature: 120 °C





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