Pressure independent control valve "Cocon QFC"

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  • OVENTROP-"Cocon QFC" Pressure independent
    control valve (PICV)

    Valve combination consisting of a flow
    regulator working automatically (with
    manually adjustable setting of nominal
    value) and a regulating valve.

    For hydronic balancing and for temperature
    control of appliances or sections of the 
    system in chilled ceiling, Fan-Coil,
    convector, central heating or underfloor
    heating systems.

    Technical data:
    max. operating temperature ts: 120 °C
    min. operating temperature ts: -10 °C
    max. operating pressure ps: 16 bar (1600 kPa)

    Material: Cast iron
    kvmax-Value: 36,0
    Size: DN 40 -> DN200
    Model: with pressure test points
    max. differential pressure: 4 bar
    max. pressure: PN 16
    min. temperature: -10 °C
    max. temperature: 120 °C

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