Differential pressure regulator "Hydromat DFC"

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  • OVENTROP- "Hydromat DFC"
    Differential pressure regulator PN 16

    both ports flanged according to DIN EN 1092-2
    Nominal value: 400 to 1800 mbar, infinitely adjustable

    For central heating and cooling systems with
    closed circuits, for operation with non-
    aggressive fluids (e.g. water or suitable water
    and glycol mixtures according to VDI 2035).

    All functioning components in one plane.

    Oventrop differential pressure regulators are
    proportional regulators working without
    auxiliary energy. They are used in existing or
    new buildings for a local or central regulation of
    the differential pressure. With the differential
    pressure in the installation increasing, the valve
    disc closes down to maintain a constant
    differential pressure within a necessary
    proportional band.
    The differential pressure is set to the required
    nominal value.
    The nominal value is infinitely adjustable and
    The differential pressure regulators are
    designed for installation in the return pipe.

    Further additional functions:
    Isolatiion, filling and draining

    The regulators are supplied complete with
    connection set (capillary length 1 m).

    Lengths according to DIN EN 558-1,
    basic series 1.

    Bonnet made of bronze, stem made of
    brass resistant to dezincification (DZR),
    disc made of stainless steel with EPDM seal.
    Maintenance-free stem seal du to double
    O-ring made of EPDM.

    Material: Cast iron
    kvmax-Value: 52,00
    Size: DN 65 -DN80 - DN100 - DN125 - DN150 -DN200
    max. pressure: PN 16
    min. temperature: -10 °C
    max. temperature: 120 °C

    Item no.: 106 47 ...
    EAN-Code: 4026755246018

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